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Top 10 Web Hosting Reviews

We used 10 most important factors to examine each web hosting company: Uptime and Reliability, Tech support, Space/Traffic/Price, About Us Page, Contact Us Page, Money Back Guarantee, Green Energy, BBB Rating/Reports, Ripoff Reports, Other Review Sites. Finally here is our WINNERS.

R Host Score Rating Review Visit Host
TOP CHOICE: Considered all ten important factors and the balance between performance and price, we highly recommend GreenGeeks. Read our REVIEW or Visit GreenGeeks.com with $30 off coupon code: TOP10WHR.
1 HostGator 10 Review HostGator.com
2 Inmotion 9.7 Review InmotionHosting.com
3 Web Hosting Hub 9.4 Review WebHostingHub.com
4 1&1 9.0 Review 1and1.com
5 MH 8.8 Review MyHosting.com
6 Arvixe 8.7 Review Arvixe.com
7 Go Daddy 8.6 Review GoDaddy.com
8 Omnis 8.4 Review Omnis.com
9 Bluehost 8.4 Review BlueHost.com
10 iPage 8.1 Review iPage.com

Are you searching for the best web hosting company for your corporate site or personal blog? In particular, you want the one you will use is in the Top 10 list, right? To be honest, it’s not a easy task to do, especially for new webmasters.

Web hosting matters too much for a website to be successful. Not only does it matter for e-commerce websites, but also for Internet marketers or bloggers who are doing SEO or operating Mini Niche Websites. That’s my experience and that’s why I established this web hosting review blog hoping to help other webmasters.

OK, let’s start with my own story.

My Hosting Story and Money Blogging

In the past year, I’ve used 4 web hosting companies as a new webmaster. The first one was with one single domain and limited bandwidth. I thought I wouldn’t get much traffic, so such a plan was enough for me. Later I used Videos from Youtube on my website and promoted in some social websites. Suddenly I got alerts from my host that I had to buy more bandwidth otherwise my website was at the risk of being shutdown by their system automatically.

Because that’s not a good website I actually want, so I didn’t do anything for that. I continued to find a new hosting company to build other Mini Niche Websites for money blogging. The second time, I used a new plan with unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth for the same price as my first one. I made about 5 Mini Niche Websites, one of them was very successful, I made money from the beginning when it’s up. The second and third months, it even generated hundreds of bucks for me each month.

That’s the good news. The bad news is the server goes down so frequently. Sometimes I can’t open my website, or login to my WordPress account to publish articles. Eventually, the hosting disaster came to me. One day, the hosting company was maintaining their system, but making something wrong caused the server down for almost 8 hours!

That night I found my traffic decreased suddenly from Google Analytics. I went to search my keywords in Google, all of them (around 10) disappeared, which were ranked at the first pages before, some of them even at the 1st or 2nd positions!

And then I “site” my website at Google, OMG, half of my articles were gone!

I began to find out what happened and why. From my hard work and research, I realized that web hosting does matter for Google to get your website indexed and ranked, because they pay much attention to user experience on your website. You can read Google Webmaster Guidelines for details.

I also find the hosting company in question is in some Top 10 web hosting list. I got confused completely.

I am sure you will have such feeling when you read more hosting review websites. For example, you can read a review in one website like this:

top 10 web hosting companies

In this situation, you may feel confident to sign up with them. But wait a moment, you will read a completely different review on another website like this:

top 10 web hosting companies

OMG! What’s wrong with that? Why is it so difficult to find a good host in such a competitive industry today?

How I Do My Reviews

Based on my real experience and research, I decided to set up this web hosting review site. As you may see, other review sites basically depends on other users’ reviews (comments). That’s good and nothing wrong, but I think that’s not enough for a comprehensive review for a specific hosting company. Why? The main problem is that they can’t get traffic evenly for each hosting company in their database. For instance, there is a small but very good hosting company, but unfortunately, the review page in a review site is not ranked high enough in search engines to get more traffic to make comments, therefore this hosting company has no chance to stand out from the crowd.

In order to make more objective, comprehensive reviews, I designed a new system to measure each hosting company. The main factors considered are briefly explained at the following table.

Factors Explanations
Uptime and Reliability Uptime should be your first consideration! Other things you can learn yourself, but you have nothing to do with this matter. Your host company should be reliable!
Tech support If you don’t have a tech team, 24/7 live support service is as important as Uptime and reliability.
Space/Traffic/Price This will be different according to different needs. But with caution on low price and unlimited space or traffic/bandwidth.
About us Page Read their “about us” page, you may find something unexpected, and probably that helps you make a better decision. You also should consider how long time a host has survived in the market.
Contact us Page The same as “about us” page, take a look at their “contact us” page. If there is no physical address to contact them, be careful. Some people are talking Cloud Hosting, are they in the cloud? Think about it.
Money back guarantee No matter how carefully you choose a host before sign up, the only way to find out it’s good or not is to try it out yourself without risk in a period. 30 days should be the minimum and no questions asked.
Green Energy Save our Earth, hosting companies powered by green energy will be loved by most customers.
BBB Rating/Reports With no doubt, we can use BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating and reports to analyze a business.
Rip Off Reports Rip Off Reports also provides us with an independent source to find real customer complaints.
Other Review Sites We also read as many other hosting review sites as we can to have a thorough understanding for a specific hosting company.

In order to make it simple, I don’t give each factor a weight, but I do pay more attention on Uptime and Reliability, Tech Support, BBB Rating/Reports and Rip Off Reports. Each factor will be given points from 1 to 10, and then make an average (divided by 10) for final score that a host will have.

As you can see that it’s a labor work, I have to spend much time to read those websites and then make better conclusion. But I think it’s worth of it, because you don’t have to do the same as I did.